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Selection Procedure

Our selection process is unique to the UWC movement. Students will typically apply through UWC’s National Committee system. There are national committees and selection contacts in over 155 countries.

Students applying from India would apply to the UWC Committee for India for selection to all the 18 UWCs across the world as per the process. Application fee waivers are available for students showing demonstrable need. 

UWCs have a strict honesty policy and students must fill the application form by themselves. Prospective students are expected to have a working fluency of the English language but may be allowed to speak in their regional language to answer questions during the interview process. We expect students to do some research on the UWCs and be able to articulate what this opportunity would mean to them. For this we recommend pursuing the college websites, social media & YouTube accounts.

All students attending a UWC are selected on demonstrated promise and potential as far as College funds allow. The financial situation of the family comes into play only once the final selections are decided upon.

Scholarships are offered to students going by their merit rank order with demonstrated need for such financial help. Number of students selected by IJWC Committee of India each year depends on number of offers received by the Committee from Colleges. 

Students may make only one application through any UWC National Committee (or in rare cases direct to a UWC) at any one time (concurrently). Making more than one application could result in rejection of all applications.

Clear, well thought out, well published eligibility criteria is as under:

1. Students must be no younger than 16 and no older than 18 years old on the 1 st September in their year of entry. Exceptions must be cleared through the INC.

2. Nationality status — Indians, Indian residents, NRI, PIO, OCI cardholders.

3. Currently be in either grade X or Xl. Exceptions (for example a student who has been home schooled) must be cleared through UWC India.

We do not discriminate positively or negatively against selecting relatives of UWC students and alumni.

Acceptance of Fees/contributions from parents of selected students is deemed appropriate. This will be determined on review of Financial Assessment Form which is required to be filled up by parents/guardians of all students shortlisted for interview.

The Philosophy that guides our selection process is to seek to avoid penalising candidates whose personal circumstances have prevented them from access to opportunities in the same way that those who have benefited from access to diverse opportunities. The selection process is designed to understand how each candidate demonstrates promise and potential, as much as proven merit in each core criteria. To consider a student in the context of "Access to opportunities" the selection panel would dwell on "Has the student made the most of whatever opportunity available to him/her?" This avoids unintentionally weighing the selection process in favour of those who have access to lots of opportunities. This is very relevant in the Indian context where there is a wide divide / difference in "access to opportunities" among various socio/ regional background.

Core selection criteria are attributes that we seek to identify in candidates through the selections process.

Five core selection criteria are:

Intellectual curiosity and motivation

(a genuine urge to learn about world around oneself — global and local concerns

— grasping, analysing the breadth of issues)

Active commitment

(readiness to reflect ,question and confront one's own values, measure one's behaviour against one's values and to responsibly act on one's beliefs)

Social competence

(Ability and readiness to connect in different situations with different people, interact respectfully, value team work, ability to understand others' point of view and circumstances and adequately make one understood to others.

Resilience, personal responsibility and integrity

(ability to look after oneself physically and

emotionally during the challenging transformational experience that UWC offers, motivation to adhere to UWC common moral and ethical principles, humility and resilience to listen and value other person's opinion considering where he/she is coming from.

Motivation for UWC

(Passion, initiative and action to contribute and promote UWC philosophy and values)

These attributes are assessed in different activities like object presentation, Group discussion, and Team games over the course of "selection camp" 

Very good academics is a filter all students must pass at short listing stage to ensure that the student will be able to cope with the rigour that IB/UWC education demands.

UWC Committee India aspires to promote and select all places offered by various UWCs and actively encourages them to provide representation from all strata of society that reflects true diversity, both in the applicant pool and selection pool.

After merit ranking is produced, based on collective assessment of the interview process, IJWC Committee India aims to match offers from each of the UWCs to students, considering the "choice of College" student has opted for, demonstrated financial need vis-a-vis UWC offer, donor funds with UWC Committee, special interest of student v/s USP each UWC etc.

Going essentially in the order of merit ranking and matching offers as explained above, the UWC Committee of India nominates students to various UWCs, including the UWC Mahindra college. If any vacancies come up at subsequent dates in any of the UWCs, further nominations are done, again in the order of the merit list and looking at 'matching' appropriately.

Overall, we at UWC Committee of India are aiming for a method of allocating places that will:

1. Reflect UWC mission and values

2. Support a diverse student body

3. Act in accordance with UWC's admissions principles and policies

4. Maximise funds available and ensure what funds there are go to those who need them

5. Encourage potential donors

6. Adhere to the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility

We aim to review our "Selection Process" regularly and put the updated "Process" on our website for benefit of students and their parents.