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Malaika Vaz

14 September 2021

College: UWC Mahindra College, India

Graduation Year: 2015

After UWC, Malaika jumped straight into working in film production - interning and working as a researcher at media production companies. In 2017, she founded her own production company Untamed Planet that produces documentaries and television series for global networks like National Geographic Channel, the BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Al Jazeera. As a TV presenter and Producer/Director, her work focuses on bringing wildlife conservation and environmental stories into the mainstream. In addition, she’s a global advocate for The Earthshot Prize, a National Geographic Explorer and a consultant on wildlife trafficking investigations.

Advice for Applicants: "UWC is the best sandbox to experiment and test out all the crazy, amazing ideas you’ve dreamed of - you will be supported and inspired here, preparing you to create a real impact in the world when you graduate!"