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Life after UWC

UWC India selects students from all over the country to attend United World Colleges. After UWC, all our graduates go on to do different and exciting things. UWC will prepare you for a world of opportunities, and most importantly - we’ll help you discover which path suits you best.

Every student will work with a guidance counsellor to explore their options, understand what’s required, and take their next steps. That could involve going to university, setting up a charity or initiative, taking a gap year or something completely different. Many alumni say the skills and traits they learn at UWC prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of university life.

Our broad and challenging curriculum is highly regarded at universities worldwide. This gives you the best chance to find the destination that’s right for you. That might be a highly-ranked university such as Harvard, Cambridge or MIT, or institutions where you can learn specialised skills, or it may be at another college back home.

Few alumni profiles are provided below, to demonstrate where a UWC education can lead.

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