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Information for Candidates

Emphasis on Diversity

The UWC movement has succeeded in bringing together a diversity of races and nations in its schools and colleges. The next challenges we must face are linked to our vision of selecting students based on their own merit and potential, without regard for their ability to pay. We wish to be selecting the most deserving and determined youngsters in the country from a diversity of socio­economic, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and other backgrounds. 
We are looking for students who use their backgrounds to tell compelling stories about where they are from and what they aspire to.

Scholarships and Fees

We believe that the best and the brightest students should be able to attend UWC irrespective of their family’s ability to pay. UWCs are amongst the premier residential educational schools in the world and fees range from INR 11.5 lakhs per annum to INR 35.5 lakhs per annum (approximation - subject to change), depending on the college and prevailing currency exchange rates. All students who apply are eligible for scholarship support, which is needs-based and takes into account the financial position of the family at the time of interviews. UWC India receives funding from a variety of sources in order to provide these scholarships, including individual UWC schools and colleges, interest from endowments, and much appreciated donations from UWC alumni and other generous individuals/corporates. Unfortunately, these sources cannot cover all costs, and some scholarships will require the candidate and their family to contribute part of the cost, as determined through financial-assessments.


To apply to the UWC Committee of India students must be Indian Nationals or PIO/OCI Card holders and residents in India at the time of application. Students must also currently be in Grade X or XI and must be between 16 and 18 years on September 1st of the year they matriculate at a UWC College. (For 2021 entry this means students must be born between 1st September 2003 and 1st September 2005. Applicants who will be 15 years of age at the time of enrolment may also apply, however the National Committee cannot guarantee that all colleges will accept nominations from candidates at this age).