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For Parents/Guardians

What is my role in my child’s application?

During the Application Form stage, we request that parents declare that they are in support of the application. If you have any additional information (such as special circumstances or relevant medical history) then you must declare this so that we can ensure the UWC schools and colleges are able to support your child.
While parents should be free to read over their child’s application form, we ask that they play no role in writing it. 

What supervision is given at UWCs?

UWC students live in boarding houses which are supervised by house parents. Students have to check in each evening and are not allowed to leave the campus after that time. They can go out during the day if they have free periods or at the weekend. Most UWCs have a sign in and out system in place for when students leave campus.

How strict are the school rules?

While there are some variations between UWCs, based on local cultural norms, all UWCs adhere to a common Code of Conduct, which forbids drugs, tobacco (on campus smoking is always forbidden), alcohol on school property, sexual activity in any public area including student rooms, ‘hazing’, bullying, harassment, assault and stealing. Furthermore, all colleges have clear expectations with regard to attendance, academic integrity, respect for curfew and alcohol off campus.

How will I know if my son/daughter is eating properly or is suffering from stress-related problems?

Past students reassure parents that, in this area especially, the student support network is so strong and they all live so closely together that any problem in this area is soon recognised. Students will also have a house parent or house mentor, a member of college staff who is responsible for pastoral care, who takes a close interest in their students. All UWCs have strong provision for medical support as appropriate.

What sort of support is given with their studies? 

Each student has a personal tutor who they see on a regular basis (or at any time they need help). This is to discuss any concerns they may have with their work and to monitor progress. UWCs have a family-like structure in place where second and first-year students meet regularly with a tutor for both social and pastoral opportunities. All UWCs encourage a great sense of community and a student’s friends are always a great source of support to them.

What feedback do I get about my child’s progress?

Reports are sent out regularly; a typical pattern might be for parents to receive three full reports during the two year period (the first at the end of the 1st semester, the second at the end of May and the third after the trial exams in March, prior to the IB Diploma.) The college staff, either the tutor in the first instance or the Director of Studies, are very approachable if there are any concerns.

Can my child get a full scholarship to study at a foreign university after graduating from a UWC?

A very strong all-rounder has a good chance of getting a scholarship or financial assistance to study at a foreign university if that is what they want to pursue. 

Where do most UWC students enroll for their university studies?

UWC students enroll worldwide to universities for further studies. The USA is usually the most popular, followed by Europe, Canada, and the UK.

Can you take competitive entrance exams for medicine, engineering, law, etc. through professional institutions while at a UWC?

Not easily. While the IB program trains students in problem-solving skills required for these exams, it is very difficult to prepare specifically for these exams along with the heavy academic and extra-curricular expectations of life at a UWC. Nor can students easily attend special preparatory classes during term time. Also, several of these exams are held at around the same time as the IB exams or very soon thereafter, making it impossible for students to leave their college to appear for them or prepare for them adequately while also studying for their IB exams.

Can you get admission to an Indian university after the IB or graduating from a UWC?

Yes, our graduates have gone on to study at some of the top Indian universities. With the growing number of IB schools in India, it is no longer unusual or difficult to get admission in an Indian college after two years at UWC.

Is a "full scholarship" available? Do parents necessarily have to bear some of the costs of education?

UWC Scholarships and aid is decided on a "need" basis. Students' parents may be asked and expected to make contributions to the costs of their attendance and travel according to their ability to do so. Assessment of families' ability to make such contributions will be made impartially using our standard process of evaluation based on financial paperwork provided by the family. This means students pay the full range of fees from full fees to no fees depending on their family circumstance.